Keynote Speakers

Dr. Alexander Sidorkin
Dean at California State University

Dr. Alexander “Sasha” Sidorkin grew up in Western Siberia and went to a teachers’ college to become a teacher of history. He attended graduate school at the Russian Academy of Education in Moscow, the University of Notre Dame, and University of Washington. Sasha worked at several universities both in Russia and the US. His scholarly interests include philosophy and economics of education and teacher preparation. He currently serves as Dean of the Sacramento State’s College of Education.

Associate. Prof. Montree Yamkasikorn
Teacher Professional Development Institute (TPDI)
Ministry of Education

Associate. Prof. Montree Yamkasikorn holds a Bachelor of Education degree with an honour in Mathematics Major (1977) and a Master of Education degree in educational technology (1980) and a EdD in Research and Curriculum Development (2003) from Srinakharin Wirot University.

Associate. Prof. Montree Yamkasikorn has served in several positions in the area of education for 36 years. (1980-2016) at different universities across Thailand. He began his career in education at Taksin Univerity. Later he worked as a Vice-President for Student Affairs for 4 years (1993-1997) and as a Dean of Faculty of Education for 8 years (2006-2014) at Burapha University. He also recently worked as a Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Nakhon Phanom University.

Meanwhile, he has also worked to advocate for teacher development as a member of Governing Board of Teacher Council of Thailand(Khurusapha) since 2013.

He then served as a President of the Thai Education Dean’s Council (2013-2014) and also as a member of national selection committee for Government Scholarship provided to new teachers which is under the Office of Higher Education Commission(OHEC), the Ministry of Education.

Associate. Prof. Montree Yamkasikorn has published and co-edited more than hundred books, journals and articles altogether in the field of education.

At the present, Associate Prof. Montree Yamkasikorn is working at Teacher Professional Development Institute (TPDI) or Kurupatana, Ministry of Education, Thailand.