ICEDU 2021 will consist of interactive round-tables for all participants of the conference. These have always been a fantastic occasion to share opinion and knowledge about different topics in education, that we all, one way or another, get to face. Each round table will be facilitated by a moderator, allowing the participants to engage, share their experiences and be inspired by the learning’s and challenges of other.
The round-tables will give everyone a chance to meet new people and interact with the attendees at each of the tables to address new topics. Participants are encouraged to select their table according to their interest.

Round Table Topics

Topic 1: Building a Culture of Learning

  • How to develop a culture in which all in the school are focused on learning?
  • The role of the principal in school culture
  • Supporting teachers

Topic 2: The Future of Schools

  • What will schools look like in the future?
  • Technology and classroom design
  • Global learning

Topic 3: Learning and the Brain

  • What brain science tells us about teaching practices

Round Table Agenda

  • Welcome and the introduction by the moderator (3min)
  • Briefly introducing participants in the table (2min)
  • Identifying areas of common interest in the topic while brainstorming. (15min)
  • Each member shares ideas and suggestions or experiences that relate to the topic 1, 2 and 3. (60 min)
  • Presents the discussion points and the outcome of each round table by the moderator to all audience in the Hall. (10min)
Moderators will be updated soon…
Date: 08th April 2021
Time: 11:00 ‐ 12:30
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“Don’t Perish, but Publish”

This particular session is specially designed to share editorial experiences of ICEDU 2021 resource persons with the gathering. Participants will be able to direct their questions on scholarly publishing and obtain feedback. It is intended to create an interactive dialog between participants and the resource persons through this session on scholarly publications.

dr fida sanjakdar


Monash University

Date: 07th April 2021
Time: 14:00 ‐ 15:00


Mini Full Paper workshops are planned to be held during the conference as a special feature for selected papers which will be presented at the conference. The aim is to help develop papers up to publishing standards with the help of professional feedback by the conference chair. This opportunity will be given to registered participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, workshops will be held parallel during the conference and will be able to accommodate maximum of 08 participants.

Here’s The Process in 4 Steps

  • Send your full paper to Ms. Yasodara Pemarathne via email ( on or before 12th January 2021
  • Your paper will be sent to the Resource Person for reviewing prior to the Conference
  • Bring a hardcopy of your full paper when attending the Conference
  • Meet with the Resource Person during the Conference and collect insights on improving your full paper

Limited Slots Available. Maximum 08 full papers will be taken to the consideration. Two sessions will he conducted for the selected participants during the conference.

  • Pay the conference registration Fee
  • Send on or before the Deadline – 12th January 2021
  • Send to
Moderators will be updated soon…
Date: 08th April 2021
Time: 13:30 ‐ 15:30



The session on TIIKM Publications will be facilitated by the Conference Convener Mr. Isanka P. Gamage (Managing Director and Co-Founder of TIIKM). The aim of the workshops is to support research students and researchers in getting their papers published in one of the KnowEX reputed journals. “KnowEx Online” by TIIKM is a trusted solution for Open Access Publishing. By the end of the workshop, all participants will be expected to have submitted an article for publication in their area of research.

Facilitator: Mr Isanka P Gamage (Managing Director and Co-Founder of TIIKM),
Sri Lanka

Date: 08th April 2021
Time: 16:30 ‐ 17:00