The vision of revolutionize the Asian research culture the, the International Institute of Knowledge Management declares the commencement of the Education Expo which will be conducted in parallel to the 4th International Conference on Education. The exhibition will be a precious occasion where world class education agents, policy makers, education consultants and all other stake holders and researchers engage together for a common goal at single platform which will be amalgamated like a world class extravaganza. All enthusiastic education technology companies are welcome to make this exhibition fruitful and meaning full while acquiring spaces at the exhibition for stalls representing your unique products (Ex – Learning software/tools) among intercontinental gathering.


Representatives are required to send respective proposals to the organizing committee on or before 15th February 2018.The proposals will be selected first come first serve basic and senders will be communicated at the time. Eligible candidates are encouraged to conduct stalls representing respective entities that share their priceless outcomes and products among truly world class delegates and key profiles around the world.

  • Deadline for the proposal submission – 15th February 2018.
  • Send your proposal to –
  • Package – $1800Includes :
    • A Complementary Stall (10*10) will be provided to display the products.
    • 2 Complimentary registrations to the Conference.
    • Distribution of the materials with the Conference registration pack.