Call for Papers - The 5th International Conference on Education 2019

Call for Papers

The  5th International Conference on Education


The 5th International Conference on Education (ICEDU 2019) welcomes abstracts from scholars, practitioners, and students for an important international conference, which will take place from 5th – 7th April 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  This year’s conference theme Educational Innovations: The Future of Education highlights the presentation of new trends, advances and research in all areas of education.   As in previous years, the conference will bring together leading professionals, academicians, universities, industry experts from around the world.

The International Conference on Education (ICEDU 2019) is concerned with education in its broadest sense and supports scholarship and innovative practices that advance academic achievement through a focus on the whole child.  The conference strives to make an impact on teaching, especially with technology. The ICEDU also focuses on education and development through an examination of the policies and practices that train educators to work with students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

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Conference Tracks

Innovative Educational Practices

  • Applying Psychological Theories to Classroom Instruction
  • Language Instruction
  • Mathematics Education
  • Inquiry-Based Instruction
  • Developments in Teacher Preparation
  • The Role of the Principal in Fostering Academic Achievement
  • Implementing Innovative Practices
  • Action Research
  • Professional Development for Educators
  • Implementing Innovative Practices

Assessment Reliability and Validity

  • Reliability and Validity
  • Measuring Teacher Quality
  • Assessing School Outcomes
  • Culturally Relevant Assessments
  • Using Tests to Advance Learning
  • Causal Modeling in the Classroom

Curriculum that Works

  • Outcomes that Work
  • Curriculum Development
  • Action Research
  • Adapting Curriculum for Student Needs
  • Implications of Brain Research for Curriculum
  • Early Childhood Literacy
  • Teaching Reading

Learning Science

  • Improving Instructional Methodologies
  • Brain and Behavior: Implications for Teaching
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Qualitative Research in the Classroom
  • Teachers and Principals as Researchers

Effective Technology in the Classroom

  • Levels of Technology Implementation
  • Technology and Literacy
  • Digital Literacy
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Technology or Not: When to Use Technology
  • From Pencils to IPads: Advances in Instructional Technology

Working with Diverse Populations

  • Culturally Linguistically Diverse Students
  • Training Educators to Work with Students from Diverse Backgrounds
  • Professional Development
  • Using Technology to Reach Every Child
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • School Culture

Abstract submission and Deadlines

Please follow the abstract submission guidelines and send the Abstract to