21st – Century Teaching & Learning


The session highlights the changes in attitude, skillset, and aspirations of the current generation and talks about how simultaneously the career landscape, including the skills required for employability and growth too, are changing rapidly.

The educational sector too is seeing changes that move from the traditional approach to a more digitalized, more individualized approach. These include self-paced, remote learning & open universities and academic technologies such as Virtual Reality. However, there still seems to lag behind in adapting to these changes and must revamp the system quickly in order to develop 21st Century skills and prepare this generation for jobs that don’t yet exist.

The session shall talk about the changes & trends in academia and what these could mean to students & teachers. Students need to be self-directed, life-long learners & the teaching methodologies need to support this goal.

The session shall also shed light on how teachers can and must stay relevant in the increasingly digitalized, impersonal education.

The session shall touch upon the following main topics:

  • Generational changes in attitude & skillset
  • Changing the employability skill requirement
  • Teaching & Learning, to accommodate 21st-century skill development
  • Academic Trends
  • Relevance of Teachers
Mentor, Business Designer & Social Impact Leader


Dr. Baby Sam Samuel

Mentor, Business Designer & Social Impact Leader

Date: 03rd April 2020
Time: 4.00 p.m.  –   5.30 p.m.