The round table discussions at ICEDU conference were highly attracted by the conference participants. The topics are very interested and will discuss the challenges and innovations based on the experience of education research projects/programs in both formal and non-formal settings.

The participants will identify gaps and needs for implementation for overcome these issues.

Round Table Agenda 

  1. Welcome and the introduction by the moderator. (3min)
  2. Introducing of participants. (2min)
  3. Identifying areas of common interest in the topic. Brainstorm all of the possible topics that can be discussed and select the top three topics. (15min)
  4. Each member shares ideas and suggestions or experience that relates to the topic 1, 2 and 3. (45min)
  5. Present the discussion points and the outcome of each round table by the moderator to all audience in the Hall. (10min)

(More details will be published soon)

Date: 05th APRIL 2020

Time: 11.00a.m. – 12.30p.m.

Table 1

Building a Culture of Learning

  • How to develop a culture in which all in the school are focused on learning?
  • The role of the principal in school culture
  • Supporting teachers

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Table 2

The Future of Schools

  • What will schools look like in the future?
  • Technology and classroom design
  • Global learning

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Table 3

Learning and the Brain

  • What brain science tells us about teaching practices

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