ICEDU 2020 highlights the companies in the education industry who strategically drive their business results via integrated brand activation disciplines.  Speakers will present their coordinated brand activation strategies that provide maximum impact – not only to the brand and its growth, but to the customers and their needs.  This event brings together companies in education industry for three days of inspiring and insightful session with the engagement of top marketers, retailers and other industry leaders.


Grab attention of your Target Market

ICEDU 2020 provides the exposure that your product needs to be successful by placing it in front of your potential audience. It is a unique opportunity to announce and show the latest and greatest offerings that your organization has developed particularly in a high profile gathering of education sector.

Product Feedback

ICEDU 2020 can also be a good way to get honest feedback about your product. Attendees probably don’t know you or your business but they are the research and industry experts from over the world. They will provide you unfiltered responses to how your product is really perceived.


Enhance your company Brand

You are launching a new product that is going to expose your company to ICEDU 2020 audience from different part of the world. You will get the opportunity to tell about your company during the product launch.


Build Contacts and open up new opportunities

ICEDU attendees are from different countries and backgrounds. This is the best place you can generate new partnerships or business relationship with international delegates to bring your product to their countries.

Send your Product Proposal to us

You will be allocated 20min for your product launch.

Depending on the event and the allotted floor space, you’ll probably have the opportunity to set up an area where you can show off your product to other attendees.

Send your proposal to on or before 03rd December 2019.