Free Online Publication Workshop

" Sustainable strategies for envisioning and enacting scholarly journal articles "


Date – 1st December 2022 | Time – 10.30 a.m. IST

Prof.Patrick Alan Danaher

Professor (Educational Research) in the School of Education,
Toowoomba campus of the University of Southern Queensland,


Writing successful scholarly journal articles is a crucial element of academics’ and researchers’ work, yet doing so is increasingly complex and contested. Systemically and institutionally, genuine efforts at democratising knowledge production and dissemination compete with the forces of knowledge commodification and standardisation. For individual academics and researchers, this conflict manifests as increasing pressure to have their voices heard through finding valued outlets for their research findings.

This workshop is focused on developing sustainable strategies for envisioning and enacting scholarly journal articles against the backdrop of these contradictory ideas framing academics’ and researchers’ work. The workshop highlights specific techniques for developing these strategies, clustered around the following organising questions:

  • Which broader forces influence our scholarly journal article writing?
  • What are scholarly voices and how do we develop them?
  • Which specific strategies can enhance the success of our scholarly journal article writing?
  • How can scholarly journal articles contribute to research impact and engagement?
  • How can we sustain ourselves, individually and collectively, through our scholarly journal articles?

The workshop also comprises of a personalized question & answers session at the end.