Selected Abstracts for ICEDU 2015

Prof. Mohamed Abolgasem ArteimiImpact of e-learning experience Using MoodleLibiyaDr. Marylendra PenetrantePsychosocial strategies in brain-based teaching: a new paradigm in educationPhilippines

Name Title Country
Dr. Khoo Yin Yin Mobile learning enhances distance learners’ motivation Malaysia
Prof. Simeon Maile A meta-analysis of the relationship between educational attainment and graduate employability in South Africa South Africa
Dr. Mehryar Nooriafshar Technology supported language learning Australia
Dr. Michael Kelland Setting Japanese students up to succeed in study abroad programs Japan
Ms. M.T.N. Wijetunge The influence of Extra -curricular Activities in Improving English Language (Oral Fluency) and Competence in Undergraduate Students: With Special Reference to ‘Toastmasters International’ Sri Lanka
Mr. Angateeah Khemduth Singh Pre-service teacher’s readiness to solve mathematical problems at primary level Mauritius
Ms. Angateeah Laxmi Devi An investigation of students’ difficulties in mathematics at lower secondary Mauritius
Prof. Chan-fu Chuang Exploring the Relationships among Career Needs, Commitments, and Health for Survivors in Downsizing -Using Career Adaptability as a Moderator China
Ms. Zidnie Ilma Transformation in Indonesian language curriculum: Pros and Cons between KTSP 2006 and curriculum 2013 in Indonesia Indonesia
Prof. Marielle Patronis The use of translation in an ESL classroom UAE
Miss. Lynn M. Besa Student teachers’ cognition in literature teaching: From planning to planting Philippines
Dr. Fulya OZTAS Environmental Education, Changing learner behavior through environmental education Turkey
Asst. Prof. Oleg Aleksandrovich Naumenko Opportunities of developing of e-learning in ecological sphere in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Mr. Amir Reza Asnafi Effectiveness of familiar with Library and Library Science principles course: A case study on Education Science students in Shahid Beheshti University Iran
Mr. Sheikh Tariq Mehmood Problem solving method: an Innovative Method for Independent learning in Mathematics Pakistan
Mr. Ling REN On the Teaching of British and American Literature in Chinese Universities from the Perspective of Narratology——Take The Golden Notebook as Example China
Mr. Bashir Sabo Innovation in Education Vs. Traditional Methods of instruction Nigeria
Mr. GARBA MUSA Vocational Technical Education in Nigeria: Challenges and the Way Forward Nigeria
Prof. Dr. Pieter Verster Using film to enhance theological studies South Africa
Asst. Prof. Florin D. Salajan A Comparative Study of Two Teacher Preparation Programs USA
Ms. Manny P. Eviota Teaching Style: Determining Factor on Student’s learning Style Philippines
Mr. Glenn Medallon Calaguas Overcoming college adjustment difficulties: does resilience matter? Philippines
Dr. Irena Kuzborska Facilitating Students’ Access into Academic Reading Discourse: A Cross-Linguistic Longitudinal Study of L2 English Reading Skills United Kingdom
Ms. Feny Anggeria Reaching Leadership with the Life Principles of Abraham Lincoln Indonesia
Dr. Pillay Julian David Contextualising a basic medical science course to the critical cross field outcomes: A South African perspective South Africa
Prof. Reza Pishghadam Introducing Threshold Concepts in ELT: Research-insight as Illustration Iran
Prof. Ali S. Al-Shayea Challenges in Saudi Universities’ Shift Toward a Knowledge Society Saudi Arabia
Mr.Davoud Tavassoli Investigation Quality Of Educational Services Of Azad University Of Taybad Based On Servqual Model Iran
Dr. Badar Almamari Art Education And Academic Accreditation: Investigating Tools Of Assessment Oman
Dr. Haydar OZTAS First- Year University Students’ Misconceptions About Digestive Tract And İts Functions Turkey
Assoc. Prof. Gustavo Brito African Literature And Brazilian Public Schools: A Bridge To Unite Distant Continents Brazil
Ms. Aprilia Tina Lidyasari The Implementation Of Cbt Technique In Improving Assertive Skills Of Pgsd Students (University Students) Indonesia
Ms. Nelva Rolina Development Of Instructional Program With Science Game To Improve The Elementary Student Achievement In Low Class Levels For Science Indonesia
Ms. Genevaive Olmilla Melendres Resource-Based Learning (Rbl) Strategy To Improve Information Literacy In General Science Of Freshmen Secondary Students Philippines
Dr. V. Manikantan The System Of Education Adopted In College Level- A Case Study On Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai India
Prof. Sergey Korolev Higher Education Under Siege Of New Feudalism And Consumerism: Russian And German Experiences Compared Russia
Mr. Thorsten Wilhelm Learning From The Past For Future Success – Transnational Education In The Australian Public Vet Sector Australia
Prof. Christy Hammer “Big History” And “Science Studies” In K-16 Curriculum: Will It Rehabilitate Or Further Denigrate Liberal Arts In The U.S.? USA
Ms. Zulmaryan Embong Measuring Secondary School Students’ Assessment Of Learning Mathematics Malaysia
Dr. Wilfred Bock Towards Creating A ‘Third Space’ For Expatriate Mentoring Of United Arab Emirate School Leaders UAE
Prof. Mona Khabiri The Comparative Effect Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Nlp), Critical Thinking And A Combination Of Both On Efl Learners’ Reading Comprehension Iran
Dr. Tella Adedeji Effects Of Think-Pair-Share And Numbered Heads Together Teaching Strategies On Junior Secondary School Students` Learning Outcomes In Mathematics In South West Nigeria Nigeria
Mr. Roldan S. Cardona The Employability Of Mathematics Education Graduates (2008-2013) Of A Teacher Education Institution (Tei) In The Philippines Philippines
Prof. Santoshi Halder Effect Of Static, Animated And Interactive Instructional Visualization On Student Learning Outcome India
Mr. Roldan S. Cardona The Development And Acceptability Of Library E-Logbook Of A Teacher Education Institution (Tei) In The Philippines: Basis For Efficient Library Management Philippines
Prof. Mojgan Nicknam The Role Of Personality Types In Predicting Happiness, Commitment And Identity Styles In Islamic Azad University Students Iran
Ms. Louisa Feldmann Preparing Students For Changing Work Demands Through Empowering Internships – A Longitudinal Study Germany
Hranush Ginosyan Integrating a Virtual Component into Writing Courses Oman
Ms.Hranush Ginosyan Integrating a Virtual Component into Writing Courses Oman
Ms.Thanyasinee Laosum The Study of the Quality of Dissertation in Humanities and Social Sciences between 2007-2013 in Thai Private Universities Thailand
Mr. Dan LIU Poetry: An implicit way to language beginners France
Assoc. prof. Szentgyorgyi Szilard The Internationalization of Higher Education in Hungary and its Pitfalls – a Case Study Hungary
Mr. Galloway Rod The strengths-based learning classroom:An innovation in education instruction case study New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Ya-Ting Carolyn Yang, Assoc. Prof. Jun-Biao Lin and Ms. Chia-Jung Kuo The Impact of Nanotechnology-integrated Technology and Society Courses on the Concentration, Learning Motivation, Problem Solving and Academic Achievement of University Students from Different Departments Taiwan
Assoc. Prof. Ya-Ting Carolyn Yang, Assoc. Prof. Jun-Biao Lin and Ms. Chia-Jung Kuo The Effectiveness of Technology Integrated Problem-based Learning on University Students’ Problem-solving Ability, Learning Motivation, Concentration and Academic Achievement in Finance Taiwan
Dr.Chris Jenkins Requirements for school leadership:  An examination of superintendent certification in the United States USA
Dr.Saksri Rakthai and Korranop Kanoklapasskul Designing Netball Instruction Activity by Using Learning Experience for Students in Thailand USA
Mr. Tommi Yu Regulation of Foreign Education Activity and Services in China China
Ms. Marissa R. Guiab Moral Intelligence of Faculty and Prospective Teacher Graduates of Philippine Normal University-North Luzon Philippines
Mr. Jarjani Usman Complexities of Active Learning Implementation in Higher Education in Aceh: Beliefs and Culture Australia
Mr. Sebastian Naranjo Rodriguez A Chinese Impression of International Students China
Ms. Tai Sophie The Effect of “Google Assisted Language Learning” on Promoting EFL Adolescents’ Free Voluntary Reading Taiwan
Dr.Talal Yusaf and Mr. Louis Fernandes How to make a Regional university unique and attractive—a case study Australia
Prof. Sheyla Blumen and Assoc. Prof. Carol Rivero The ICT in college formation: Achievements and challenges in Psychology and Education Peru
Dr. Andaya, Olive Joy F Leisure Activities of Agtas in Nagtipunan, Quirino Province: Their Implication to Education Philippines
Ms.Josie Jordan D. Gineta and Dr. Elena A. Navas College L2 Learners’ Oral Language Performance and Motivation as Predictors to Communicative Competence Philippines
Mr. K.P.Munagama Difficulties in Learning- teaching process to achieve Social cohesion Sri Lanka
Prof. Josie Jordan D. Gineta, Dr. Ma. Lina P. Sario, Dr. Marissa R. Guiab, Dr. Elena A. Navas, Prof. Julievic D. Palting, Dr. Mary Ann M. Balayan, Prof. Virgilio F. Reyes, Jr.,Prof. Elma P. Bautista, Mrs. Nolly P. Castillo and Dr. Charlito Mendoza Practices in Teaching Mathematics to Children Using Mtbmle and Their Relationship to Pupils’ Performance Philippine
Mr. GyulaÁbrahám, Mr. TiborDulai, Mr.LeventeBalint, Ms. Ágnes Werner-Stark Development of Algorithms and problem-solving skills through resource scheduling problems Hungary
Ms. Anikó BARTOS, Ms. JózsefSmidla, Ms. VeronikaSzucs Teaching Tools in The Logistics Tasks Hungary
Ms. Noemi Bolla, Ms. FanniNeubrandt, Ms. Cecilia Sik-Lanyi Developing Serious Games for Android Platform – Educating Selected Waste Collection and Environmental Awareness for Elementary School Children Hungary
Ms. Liliána Decsi and Mr. Virág Mohos Teaching Chinese language in Hungary Hungary
Mr. Attila Galgóczy, Mr. GuzsvineczTibor, Ms.SzücsVeronika, Ms. Cecília, Sik-Lanyi Students for Students – Mentor Programme at the University of Pannonia Hungary
Mr. GuzsvineczTibor Developing Algorithmic Thinking – Learning Techniques Via Visualization Methods Hungary
Ms. LiliJurak, Mr. SzilviaPaxian, Ms. VeronikaSzucs Relationship of Arts Groups and Foreign Students at The University of Pannonia Hungary
Mr. Levente BALINT, Mr. TiborDulai, Ms. Ágnes Werner-Stark, Mr. Gyula Abraham Development of students’ skills by involvement in the utilized industry Hungary
Ms. VirágMohos and Ms. LiliánaDecsi Mediation of Chinese culture in Hungary Hungary
Ms. FanniNeubrandt, Ms. Noemi Bolla, Ms. Cecilia Sik-Lanyi Developing Serious Games for Android Platform the Applicability of Serious Games in Elementary School Education Hungary
Ms. Szilvia Paxian, Ms. LiliJurak, Ms. VeronikaSzucs Teaching English Language to Foreign Students in Hungary Hungary
Assoc. prof.CecíliaSik-Lanyi Modern Butlers and Guildsman or Contemporary Erasmus Students Hungary
Assoc. prof.CecíliaSik-Lanyi, Ms.Veronika Szucs Virtual Reality in Special Needs Students’ Education Hungary
Mr. ÁdámSmidla, Mr. JózsefSmidla Teaching LEGO robot programming for high school students Hungary
Mr.József Smidla, Mr. Ádám Smidla Preparing high school students to learn programming at the universities – via LEGO robot programming workshop Hungary
Ms. Veronika Szucs, Mr. Jozsef Smidla, Ms.Aniko Bartos Teaching Vr Technologies, 3d Modeling for Foreign Students Hungary
Assist. Prof. Kınıklı Snapper Nuriye Esra A Compilation and Analysis of Competing Solfege Instructional Methods and Materials in Turkish Music Conservatories Turkey
Prof. Fariborz Dortaj Studying effects of barriers of developing electronic training in Schools of Tehran towns from the view points of teachers and managers Iran
Prof. Thanaboonpuang Parinyaporn, Mr.Siridej Sujiva and Mr.Shotiga Pasiphul Developing a Toolkit of Undergraduate Nursing  Student’Desirable Characteristics (TNDC) :An application Multidimensional Item Response Theory Thailand
Ms. Tai Sophie The Effect of English Comics on Promoting EFL Adolescents’ Voluntary Literature Reading Taiwan
Ms. Singh Shakila Fear of Sexual Assault Amongst Female Students at a South African University Residence South Africa
Ado Abdu Bichi Analysis of UTME and Post-UTME scores of Education students at Northwest University Kano-Nigeria Nigeria
Ado Abdu Bichi Assessing the Relationship between Continuous Assessment and Examination Scores of Education Courses Nigeria
Dr.TheyabMoqbel Hareb Asharari The Effect of Using Multimedia on Enhancing the Knowledge Level of  Second Secondary School  Students Saudi Arabia
Jahanbakhsh Nikoopour, Mahsa Hajian An Exploration of the Relationship among Learners’ Autonomy, Language Learning Strategies and Big-Five Personality traits Iran
Ms. Mutshaeni Nancy Management of Pregnant Learners in Secondary Schools: Perceptions of Educators South Africa
Ndileleni P. Mudzielwana The Role of Parents in Developing Reading Skills of Their Children in the Foundation Phase South Africa
Evgeniia Kozmina Team collaboration platform for teaching software development process Russia
Dr. Shaukath Azim Educational status of Muslims in India: peril and promise India
D. Keppetigoda and W. Chandradasa A Case study: Assessment practices used by Bilingual Mathematics Teachers in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Dr.Victor James Effiong and Angela Victor Anangabor Innovation in education in Nigeria: A critical appraisal Nigeria
Oana Ludmila Popescu The citizens of tomorrow – from civic education to political participation Romania
Rashmi Samson and Amit Paul Babu Elearning : A Normative prescriptive India
KWOK Kai Hing Daniel Quality Assurance Management in Hong Kong Vocational Training Council—A Case of Convergence or Divergence of Western and Chinese Cultures Hong Kong
Eva Imania Eliasa Personal – social guidance program to improve intrapersonal and interpersonal competence` students at class x senior high school of Darul Hikam Bandung  Indonesia
Dr.Igor Smerdov and Dr.Zheng Guangjie Construction of identities of Chinese learners of Russian Russia
Prof. Ali Arifa Collaboration between Industry and Universities: The Challenges Facing Public and Private Tertiary Education Institutions in the State of Kuwait Kuwait
Dr. Dalibor Barta, Dr. Jozef Jurcik and Dr. Miroslav Gutten Multimedia text-book and its utilization in teaching of automotive subjects Slovakia
Dr. Miroslav Gutten, Dr. Jozef Jurcik and Dr. Dalibor Barta Measuring system and its utilization in on-line teaching of automotive subjects Slovakia
Dr. Jozef Jurcik, Dr. Miroslav Gutten and Dr. Dalibor Barta Experimental and simulation teaching of in automotive electrical engineering Slovakia
Dr. Gabriela Marinescu Emotional intelligence and it’s role for a better inter-cultural communication in universities Romania
Bunoti Sarah Nantono, Profs. Anne Katahiore, N. M Tumwesigye , and  Lynn Atuyambe  Rights-based Enhancement of Pubertal Awareness, Communication, and Child Protection of the 10 – 14 year old Boys and Girls in Primary Schools in Jinja District, Uganda Uganda
Kuliya Muhammed The potentials of online learning and the challenges to its adoption in Nigeria’s higher institutions of learning Nigeria
Warunika Fernando  and Saseeka Wijesekera A study on gender proportion of students gaining entrance to Sri Lankan universities Sri Lanka
Assist. Prof. Secil Kaya The role of administrators’ qualifications for successful schools in terms corporate communication Turkey
Dr. Inbal Shani Teaching Psychology among Science and Technology-Oriented Students Israel
Prof. Genutė Gedvilienė Distance learning in adult education Lithuania
Prof. Genutė Gedvilienė Development of the key competences in adult education in Lithuania Lithuania
Virginija Bortkevičienė The development of adults entrepreneurial competence for their successful career Lithuania
Dr. Kamalika Banerjee Mooc or classroom teaching? India
Afua Manko Abed-Lartey Ebola preparedness in university colleges in Ghana Ghana
R. Bortkevicius Cognitive approach of teaching various mechanical forming operation in studding engineering sciences Lithuania
Dr. Esmaeil Sadipour  and Fatemeh Geramy The relationship between the circadian rhythms and academic performance of female students in sixth grade of school Iran
Dr. Maha Ellili Cherif Helping students become strategic readers Qatar
Hassan Mahjub Study the funding mechanisms of higher education Iran
Dr. Nookorn Pathommapas The use of constructivist-science stations through science camp process to develop student conceptual understandings in science for secondary students in none bone secondary school, LOA PDR Thailand
O.M.Bazanova Advances of the Neurofeedback for musical performance training Russia
Dr.Md. Zain, Ismail An Integral ASIE Instructional Design Model: An integrated approached in instructional planning for the 21st century teaching environment Malaysia
Dr. Anjum Naz, Prof. Dr. Parveez Aslam Shami, Prof. Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan & Dr Abida Nasreen Beyond Reforms: Higher Education revolution in Pakistan Pakistan
Rindilla Antika Dynamic assessment in reading comprehension classroom Indonesia
Nguyen Thi Ha Anh Extensive reading as a therapy to improve the students’ reading comprehension: A case study at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 Vietnam
Nour El Imane Badjadi Second Language Teachers’ Attitudes and Implementation of Learner-Centered Education in Algeria: Insights for Educational Reform Theory and Practice China
Nour El Imane Badjadi A Meta-Ethnography of English Academic Writing Task-Representation China
Prof. N. A. Nadeem Professional Development of Higher Education Teachers –     Concept and Measurement India
Kun-liang Chuang Teaching Creative Thinking through Poetry Taiwan
El-Nour Omar Test the effect of Instructor efficacy ,  Instructor trust and Instructor Immediacy on Students Persistence in Asynchronous Learning Sudan
Dr.Fauzi Hussin,Yahya Don, Mohd Sofian O.F., Siti Noor Ismail, Abdull Sukor Shaari Identify the Level of School Financial Management among Primary Schools’ Headmaster: Case Study in the State of Kedah, Malaysia Malaysia
Adrinil Santra The Teacher’s Role in Happiness Based Management Education: A Survey Based Study India
Revathi Srinivas, Veda Sharan Essences in Elt: A Phenomenological Approach to the Teaching of Vocabulary at the Secondary Level India
Mark Alvin M. Cruz , Angelo C. Espiritu The Effect of Journal Writing To the Historical Thinking Skills of Secondary School Students Philippines
Kevin Norley Technology and Teaching Methods United Kingdom
Tayel, Fatima How to Support the 21st Century Student? UAE
Abbas Gholtash Assessment of Information needs of faculty Members in Fars State Islamic Azad University in order to Developing of In service Curricula  Iran
Abbas Gholtash, Moslem Salehi, Tayebeh Najafi The Relationship between Critical Thinking and Moral Intelligence and Teaching Skill of the Female Teachers Iran
Marjorie C. Quieng Integration of 21st Century-Based Soft Skills in the Dentistry Curriculum Philippines
Dr. XUE Huijuan Enhancing the Experience of International Students in Chinese Higher Education China
Waleed K. Abdulabbas, Brandy L. Barter ESL Teachers’ Perceptions of Using Technology in Their Teaching Iraq
Moslem Salehi The relationship between personality features with educational performance and creativity Iran
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