The 4th International Conference on Education 2018 is glad to host a series of key discussion sessions on selected specific topics parallel to the main oral presentations. Each selected topic would be given one hour for the discussion.

[list style=”1″ title=”Following are the selected topics for the key discussion sessions”]

  • Teacher quality
  • Working with diverse students
  • Incorporating technology into classroom instruction
  • Developing a school culture that fosters academic achievement
  • Effective classroom management
  • Best practices for science education
  • Teaching literacy
  • Global issues in education
  • Influencing policymakers about education issues


With the aim of broadening the network opportunities and providing space to share ideas and knowledge; the key discussion sessions would provide an array of opportunities for the participants to learn and exchange knowledge while actively participating in the discussions with renowned education agents, researchers, education consultants, policy makers and other stakeholders.  We warmly welcome you to be a part of key discussion sessions and be a change agent for the betterment of education.